Our primary goal is to help you develop a manuscript that is ready for publication, submission to literary agents and publishers, and/or self-publishing.

Our program has been developed to be flexible to meet your needs, schedule, and budget. After the initial complimentary 15-minute consultation by phone through video chat to discuss your book and goals, your book coach will provide an estimate of the hours needed to help you achieve your publishing goals. 

How do I get a quote?

Due to the varied nature of each project, an exact quote cannot be given before we know the scope of your project. 

To receive a quote, contact us using the contact form with a brief description of your project. You’ll receive a reply within 2 business days, at which time you’ll also be asked to provide a few pages of your project (or a sketch of your idea, if your project is in its very early stages) to give us an idea of what services you will need.

How do I submit a project?

Before you enter into a contract with Rising Sign Book Services, you’ll be offered an initial 3 page (12pt font 1.5 space) free assessment of your manuscript in its current state. Our book coach will review and make notes on the manuscript as it is, and offer suggestions for improvements. This is offered free of charge.

If you choose to move forward with Rising Sign Book services after this initial review of your manuscript, we’ll schedule you a 15 minute consultation, by phone through video chat, with our book coach. During this consultation you’ll devise a plan to get your project on track and outline the duties, expectations, and estimated cost of the client-coach relationship.

Will you sign an NDA when contracting for my project? 

Information you share with Rising Sign Books will never be disclosed to any third party, barring court order. All written materials sent by mail or email fall under your copyright and will never be used, published, or shared without your consent. A standard NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) is included in all contracts between Rising Sign Books and Clients.
Sample RSB Contract. 

What are Rising Sign Books Fees?

Contact us today for a quote on the services you  need.

Fees include time spent with you via video chat, editing and preparing written materials (in MSWord, sent from and returned to you via email), market research, mapping your book, review of manuscript, development of a marketing plan, the business side of being an author, and other areas you would like to focus on for your book.

How do I make my payment?

Rising Sign Books accepts payments through PayPal. You will be invoiced through PayPal for the hours requested during our initial consultation.

By using this third-party system, your credit card information will only be recorded by PayPal. 

Time will be invoiced to client upon contract agreement. Invoices are required to be paid 50% at start of job with the remainder due at project close. This is to ensure the fair execution of each contract for both client and contractor. Should additional hours be requested after the initially invoiced time has been depleted we will close out the current invoice, paid in full, and a new invoice will be issued for the additional time.

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