Manuscript Editing

An extra set of eyes, impartial to the story, is exactly what you need in the final stage of writing to produce something for public consumption. Authors are too close to their work to see the mistakes. Our brains play a little trick on us when we read our own writing. We know what we meant to say, so our brain puts that filter on as we read the brilliance we’ve slaved over.

I can provide that extra set of eyes needed to catch plot holes, inconsistencies, and grammatical mishaps. 

My editing rates are as follows. 

$0.025 per word Copyediting
Copyediting — Corrects language only.
Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, verb tenses, sentence structure, paragraph lengths, echoes, word choices, & missed words.
A copyedit will generate a grammatically clean manuscript.

$0.05 per word Developmental Editing
Developmental — Corrects content.
Content level editing that focuses on plot structure, characters and their arcs, consistency in characterization, dialogue, and believability.
A developmental edit will generate considerable revisions and rewriting.

$0.10 per word Developmental Editing with Ghostwriting incorporated.
Some authors prefer for me to incorporate all developmental editing notes into their manuscript and deliver both a marked up and clean, finished copy. 

Editing should ideally be a two-pass approach. The first pass is strictly development of the story with revision notes. After those are turned in, the author is free to make their revisions before having the final manuscript looked at for the copyedit. However, authors sometimes opt for only a single edit. Please note what level of editing you are looking for.

I use Track Changes to input all of my comments and suggestions. Editing changes are made directly to the document to correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar. Colored highlights will be used to bring attention to redundancies and echoes in the writing. I believe in positive reinforcement for making suggestions and notes on developmental issues, but that does not mean I ignore any potential negatives in the manuscript. When possible I try to explain myself fully so you understand the reason behind the changes suggested for you. It is, however, your manuscript, so you make the final call when it comes to adapting notes or ignoring them. 

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