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Crafting a complete and compelling story is work. Hard work. It's late night fights with uncooperative characters, bouts of crippling impostor syndrome, and the taunting blink of the cursor on the empty page as you struggle to pry those unwilling words from the deepest recesses of your mind. Most new writers, as they begin to realize this, find themselves lost and wondering if they will ever be able to complete the novel they’ve been dreaming of writing.

Do not despair, dear author. Help is out there if you want it. Book Coach to the rescue!

When you hire a Personal Trainer at a gym, you know that person is going to make you sweat. Their job is to provide (high decibel) motivation and outline the path to help you get into shape. You could do everything they tell you on your own, but if you’re hiring a Personal Trainer, let’s face it, you haven’t (or won’t). Admit it, how many New Year Resolutions began with, “I’m going to get into shape?” More than you care to admit, right? No judgement here.

You turn to a Personal Trainer to get you on the right track. They have the know-how, the education, experience, and the right kind of can-do attitude that will motivate you to finally get in shape. The same applies to a Book Coach, or Author Personal Trainer. They help you get your manuscript in shape for publishing.

Stuck on your manuscript?
They will push you past the writer’s block.
Story suffering from a saggy second act?
They will help you trim the fat.
Having trouble hitting your daily word count? Drop and give me twenty… chapters.
They are the Kings and Queens of accountability.

Accountability and a bit of tough love are part of the process. But a book coach is not just a drill sergeant. They provide the guidance and motivation (tough love) and help nurture your creativity.

All authors struggle with the creative aspects of writing. No one is immune to writer’s block. Pantsers and Plotters both find themselves, at some point, being mocked by an empty page. Writing is not as solitary a craft. When you’re stuck, you need someone to bounce ideas off of. But not just anyone will do. Yes, I know your mom or your best friend are always there for you, and the encouragement they offer is priceless. But, (there’s always a but) do they understand setting, characters, and conflict well enough to help you develop them properly? That’s the difference between getting advice from a friend or guidance from a book coach.

Understanding the complexities of plot and story structure is essential to helping a blocked writer find their footing. Your book coach will work with you on developing your plot on multiple levels.

Book Coaching Services:

• Define the scope of your book project
• Establish accountability benchmarks according to your own schedule and work style
• Discuss the technical and legal aspects of publishing your book
• Brainstorming sessions to work through your writer’s block
• Character biographies
• Beat Sheets
• Plot Outlining
• Chapter reviews and critiquing
• Establishing author voice
• Pinpointing crutch words, clich├ęs, and echoes in your book

Whether you need a little nudge in the right direction or someone to hold your hand through the process, I can help. 
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