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Ready to take that next step, on your own, and publish your book? What are you waiting for? 

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Self-Publishing made simple. Get your polished novel ready for Kindle, Nook, or Print in thirty days or less.

Avoid the common stumbling blocks and get on the road to successful self-publishing. This handy dandy guide, filled with insider’s tips and tricks, will unscramble the world of self-publishing into simple, easy-to-follow steps.

What’s in the book? 
Common Misconceptions
The Business of Self-Publishing
Basic Costs & Budgeting
Publishing Formats: Epub, Kindle, Smashwords, & Print
Cover Art
Interior Layout
Printing and Distribution
Marketing Basics: Platform Building, Book Signings, Blog Tours, etc.

And much more!

Struggling to get that book written? Make 2021 your year. Grab the latest from Katie Salidas. 
Write and Edit the Damn Book!


Okay, yes, it is literally putting words on the page, but a truly spectacular book is more than just a written stream of consciousness. You can write lots of pretty words and put them on a page, but that doesn’t make it a good book. To craft that unputdownable masterpiece, you have to understand the structure of storytelling. Beyond that, it’s essential that your sentences are structurally and grammatically correct.

Remember this meme?
Let’s eat Grandma vs. Let’s eat, Grandma!
Proper punctuation saves lives… and readers.

This book addresses both sides of the writing process, offering you tips and tricks to overcome the worst case of writer’s block, and self-editing tips that will make your readers—and copyeditors—love you.

Don’t make rookie mistakes. Learn from an insider! 

Katie Salidas is an author with several successful self-published titles. Each of her titles was created in the DIY (Do It Yourself) style, without the aid of author service companies. Through trial and error she has gained the knowhow to successfully publish print and ebooks. Go Publish Yourself! has that knowledge assembled into an easy-to-use format, packed with no-nonsense tips and quick and dirty tricks, so you can take your novel to the next level.

So, what are you waiting for? Go Publish Yourself! 

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