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Book Formatting Katie Salidas

Formatting is quite a frustrating process, and each version (ebook, softcover, and hardcover) will have different layout requirements (see your printer’s FAQ’s for specifics). Grab a book off your nearest bookshelf and take a look at it. To nail down what your book should look like inside, you need to look at its peer. Take ten or so traditionally published books from your genre and go through them with a fine-tooth comb. Note the standards in their layout. That’s what you want to create.

I can help.

With your input, I will format and typeset your manuscript, converting it into the proper book format. I will ask you for your thoughts and ideas on layout before we begin so we can match the style you would like for your final product. We will go over trim sizes, formats (ebook, paperback, hardcover, etc…) font choices, and publishing platforms before setting up the document. 

Book Formatting Services include the following:

Book Formatting Katie SalidasProfessional layout

  • Copyright page
  • Table of Contents (clickable for ebook)
  • Active Hyperlinks (clickable for ebooks)
  • Acknowledgements, Forwards, and Dedications
  • Custom Chapter headers (starting on the right page)
  • Paragraphs formatting, Indenting, and Drop Caps (if requested)
  • Bullets, number lists
  • Custom Header & Footer
  • Page Numbering

Ebook Formatting:
You will receive your book in 3 eBook formats, Mobi (Kindle), ePub, and a source file Word.doc, ready to upload to or Draft2Digital. If you need any additional formats please let me know within 30 days of service.

Print Book Formatting: 
When completed, you will receive a PDF draft of your completed book layout for you to review before the final PDF is made. PDF’s will be delivered in a print-ready format based on your trim size and printer specifications.


Terms and Conditions

For Print Books: Print formatting is a fixed size, fixed width layout. What you see on the PDF is exactly what is printed with all fonts embedded. When completed, you will receive a print-ready PDF of your completed book layout based on your trim size and printer specifications.

For Ebooks: There are two types of ebook formats. Mobi is the Amazon/Kindle format. It is the only format Kindle uses, and it is meant to work across all Kindle devices. Epub is the other format. Epub is used for Nook, Kobo, Sony, iBooks, etc… (everything other than Kindle). You will receive both ePub and Kindle versions of the ebook. Keep in mind that ebooks are not physical books, they are coded to be able to adjust to screen sizes as small as a phone or as large as a computer so while they may contain the same text as their print counterpart, they are formatted and will look slightly different.

Base rate for print book formatting is as follows 
$1 per 1k word per format (e.g. Paperback, Ebook, Hardbound)
(e.g., 30k word novel would be $30 for print and $30 for ebook)

Books with more complex layout requirements (more than three images requiring embedding, text box placement, and/or indexing), Poetry, and/or Non-Fiction $100 is added per format to the base rate for books up to 40k words. For longer works please send me the word count and specifications for an accurate estimate.

PROOFS – Client’s book should be fully edited and in its final text format before submitting for Book Formatting or Ebook Conversion services. I allow for 3 corrections /revisions of design elements, text edits are not considered revisions or corrections to the design. Non-design related text edits after layout has been completed and/or revisions beyond the 3 allowed design corrections will incur additional cost at $35 per hour for time spent on revision requests.

Before we begin layout, I will need some information from you: 

Manuscript type – Fiction or Nonfiction
Acceptable files are Word, RTF, or Google Doc (please ensure edit access if using Google Doc)

Estimated Word Count – This is used for estimating time to complete project. Longer books take longer to work on.

Special formatting items – Images, Tables, Indexing, End Notes, Foot Notes, etc… Books with more complex layout requirements (more than three images requiring embedding, text box placement, and/or indexing), Poetry, and/or Non-Fiction $100 is added per format to the base rate for books up to 40k words.

Printer– What printer will you be using to produce your book? Amazon, Ingram, etc… Please specify so I can ensure your document meets their margin requirements.

Trim Size – What size will your printed book be? Standard Self-Publishing sizes are 5x8 or 6x9 but depending on your printer, other sizes are available.

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