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Affordable and quality book formatting for your Novel!

Book Formatting Katie Salidas

With over ten years in the indie publishing industry, I know what goes into the layout of a novel. With your input I can create a custom layout affordably and quickly.

Book Formatting Services include the following:

Book Formatting Katie SalidasProfessional layout

  • Copyright page
  • Table of Contents (clickable for ebook)
  • Active Hyperlinks (clickable for ebooks)
  • Acknowledgements, Forwards, and Dedications
  • Custom Chapter headers (starting on the right page)
  • Paragraphs formatting, Indenting, and Drop Caps (if requested)
  • Bullets, number lists
  • Custom Header & Footer
  • Page Numbering

Ebook Formatting:
You will receive your book in 3 eBook formats, Mobi (Kindle), ePub, and a source file Word.doc, ready to upload to or Draft2Digital. If you need any additional formats please let me know within 30 days of service.

Print Book Formatting: 
When completed, you will receive a PDF draft of your completed book layout for you to review before the final PDF is made. PDF’s will be delivered in a print-ready format based on your trim size and printer specifications.


Terms and Conditions

IMPORTANT: Interior eBook design and formatting does not include editorial services and is strictly a design service. Your book should be fully edited and in its final text format. Non-design related text edits after layout has been completed will incur additional cost.

I do have some image manipulation capabilities, but I generally request that the client provide exactly what they would like to see within the book. Should those services be needed, we will discuss cost at that time, before any work is started.

For Non-fiction books requiring tables and indexes to be created will add an additional $50 to the print and ebook formatting price for novels 50,000 and under. Larger works will be negotiated before work begins. Due to the technical nature of individually locating and linking exact phrasing within the text these additional charges must be applied. Client provided glossaries and backmatter do not incur any additional charges.

Proofs are a part of the process. I understand that nothing comes out perfect on the first go around. I do not charge for the first two rounds of proofing changes to perfect look and feel of content. Additional changes due to client altering internal book content after submission are not considered proofing changes. These will incur additional charges.

Before we begin layout, I will need some information from you: 

Manuscript type – Fiction or Nonfiction
Acceptable files are Word, RTF, or Google Doc (please ensure edit access if using Google Doc)

Estimated Word Count – This is used for estimating time to complete project. Longer books take longer to work on.

Printer– What printer will you be using to produce your book? Amazon, Ingram, etc… Please specify so I can ensure your document meets their margin requirements.

Trim Size – What size will your printed book be? Standard Self-Publishing sizes are 5x8 or 6x9 but depending on your printer, other sizes are available.

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