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Book Formatting Katie Salidas

Formatting is a frustrating process, and each version (ebook, softcover, and hardcover) will have different layout requirements (see your printer’s FAQ’s for specifics). This is where I come in. With over ten years in the indie publishing industry, I know what goes into the production of a novel.

With your input, I will format and typeset your manuscript, converting it into the proper book format.

Book Formatting Services include the following:

Book Formatting Katie SalidasProfessional layout

  • Copyright page
  • Table of Contents (clickable for ebook)
  • Active Hyperlinks (clickable for ebooks)
  • Acknowledgements, Forwards, and Dedications
  • Custom Chapter headers (starting on the right page)
  • Paragraphs formatting, Indenting, and Drop Caps (if requested)
  • Bullets, number lists
  • Custom Header & Footer
  • Page Numbering

Ebook Formatting:
Ebooks are not physical books, they are coded to be able to adjust to screen sizes as small as a phone or as large as a computer, so elements like page numbers and headers do not exist in this format. Elements like chapter headings and Table of Contents entries work like website hyperlinks in ebooks. Elements like photos and tables are anchored elements tied to specific points between the text, to allow for the reflowing text to shift around them depending on how pages are viewed on various screens.

Epub is the format compatible with all ereaders: Nook, Kobo, Sony, iBooks, Kindle etc.

Print Book Formatting: 
When completed, you will receive a PDF draft of your completed book layout for you to review before the final PDF is made. PDF’s will be delivered in a print-ready format based on your trim size and printer specifications.


Terms and Conditions

For images to be included in a formatted book, they must be 200DPI or better. Anything less will appear pixelated and distorted when printed. 

All images must be free of copyright, and legally able to be used within your book. If you obtain images from royalty-free stock image sites, the sources for those images will need to be sited in the copyright page of your book for legal purposes. Finding an image through a google search does not mean the image is freely licensed to be used. Commercial use of an image without the appropriate ownership or licensing is a violation of copyright law.

Like art, music, or literary works, fonts are designed by real people and are protected by certain intellectual property rights. Beyond the design itself, fonts are software, engineered with features and flexibility that enable good design and usability. If you intend to use a specific font in a book that will be available for retail sale (earning the author a royalty) proof of license is required before the font can be embedded in the book. Commercial use of a font not specified as Open-Source Licensing is a violation of copyright law. This can and often applies to “free download” versions of fonts available on many websites.

PROOFS – Client’s book should be fully edited and in its final text format before submitting for Book Formatting or Ebook Conversion services. I allow for 3 corrections /revisions of design elements, text edits are not considered revisions or corrections to the design. Non-design related text edits after layout has been completed and/or revisions beyond the 3 allowed design corrections will incur additional cost.

Before we begin layout, I will need some information from you: 

Manuscript type – Fiction or Nonfiction
Acceptable files are Word, RTF, or Google Doc (please ensure edit access if using Google Doc)

Estimated Word Count – This is used for estimating time to complete project. Longer books take longer to work on.

Special formatting items – Images, Tables, Indexing, End Notes, Foot Notes, etc… Books with more complex layout requirements (more than three images requiring embedding, text box placement, and/or indexing), Poetry, and/or Non-Fiction will incur additional costs due to complexity. Contact me with your specs for an estimate.

Printer– What printer will you be using to produce your book? Amazon, Ingram, etc… Please specify so I can format your document to meet individual printer margin requirements.

Trim Size – What size will your printed book be? Standard Self-Publishing sizes are 5x8 or 6x9 but depending on your printer, other sizes are available.

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