Social Media and Marketing

The primary goal of our SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING program is to help you develop a marketing schedule and system of promoting of your work to raise awareness and increase active engagement with your audience. 

Before you enter into a contract with Rising Sign Book Services, you’ll be offered an initial assessment of your current social media platforms and reach. We will review and make notes on your current reach and activity, offer suggestions for improvements, and outline the duties and expectations of the relationship.

Your Marketing Plan needs to cover the following three phases. 

Pre-Publication & Setup
Get your book ready to launch and have your platform established. 
Set up all Publisher, Social Media, Newsletter, and Ad accounts.
Have your author website built.

Book Launch
Blog Tours, Newsletter Announcements, Press Releases, and Online Parties.

Continuing engagement on all platforms. How, when, where, and why?

Are you ready for the full-time job of maintaining your social reach without being spammy?

Social Media Marketing  Management Options:

Set up and organize your social media presence
What outlets are you on and how often do you want to post to them?

Create a content calendar / Schedule and manage posts
With Social media, regularity is key so people get an idea of when they should expect new content from you, and look for it.

Research content / Write copy for social media posts
It’s not always about sharing your products; your brand should also speak to the CLIENTs about similar interests.

Proofread and edit content

Find and/or edit images for social media posts
Photos not only highlight your products, they also must match the feel of your brand. So when posting content that is not product specific, the images need to fit the brand.

Blog and Blog sharing across social media
Blog posting is evergreen content; great for sharing and bringing potential customers back to your website. Blogs should be kept between 400-1k words. People have short attention spans these days.

Our program has been developed to be flexible, to meet your needs, schedule, and budget. After the initial complimentary 15-minute consultation by phone through video chat to discuss your goals, we will provide an estimate of the hours needed to help you achieve your social media goals. This estimate is meant as a guideline to you for budgeting purposes. RSB offers By-The-Hour services, so you may choose as little or as many hours as you wish to initially invest in the project. Once we have your signed contract agreement, you’ll be invoiced for the specified time you have requested during the week that hours are accumulated. 

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